I am working on th instep of a baby bootie pattern. Row 1 of instep reads:
K33, slip 1 as if to knot, K1, PSSO, turn, leave remaining 21 sts unworked.

I do not know how to “turn” can someone explain please. The rest of the pattern calls for several Turns in it.


Turn just means to act as if the row is done and turn it around to work back as if you finished the row.

so just slide the last 21 sts onto the right needle?

or put the stiches just worked back to the left needle?

Neither. You stop when there’s 21 st unworked on the left needle, turn the work (like you had finished the row normally) and continue knitting on the 34 st that you just worked. those 34 st will be on your left needle, as usual for stitches to be worked; the 21 st are on what’s now your right needle.

Leave the 21 stitches where they are - you’ll come back to them later.