I’m working on a pattern and the end of the row says ‘turn’. I know how to turn but what I don’t know is if i should rework the stitches I just did and then go to the next line in the pattern, or since it just says turn, should I turn my work and then follow what the next row says? Here’s what it looks like:
Row 47: k1,(k2tog) twice, k24,turn
Row 48:S1k, k to end

Welcome to KH!
This is a short row, worked as a turn before the end of the row. Usually The next row gives the directions for working back on the sts you just finished.
What is the pattern you’re working? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

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Thank you! This was very helpful! I’m working on a nursery rhyme knitting pattern. It’s the five little ducklings and I’m working on the mother duck. I got the pattern from a book I rented from my local library. It’s called Knitted Nursery Rhymes. I don’t think I can’t give the pattern because of copy right issues but I found a link to where you can order it on Barnes and Noble. It’s about $15.

That looks fantastic. Thanks for the link. Good luck with your duck and the 5 little ducklings. We’d really love to see a photo of the whole family.

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Thank you!