"turning your work"

Hi I am knitting a stocking cap for a snowman.
I am knitting in the round and then the directions say
row 5 "knit 3 rounds, then turn work"
row 6 "knit"
row 7 “slip 1 as if to purl, knit”

The directions in the glossary for turn work is
"after working a row, flip the needles around to purl side and with working yarn at left, start knitting again."
How do I start knitting with the yarn on the left? I tried a short row wrap but ended up with holes, even with the wrap.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Well, I am having two modes of thought from how you explain the pattern.

  1. The instructions are telling you to switch to flat knitting. To knit as if you were using regular straight needles, in that case your knitting always starts with the left hand needle (unless you are mirror knitting.)

  2. To turn the hat inside out that way what was the outside of the hat is now the inside of the hat and what was formerly the inside of the hat becomes the outside of the hat. This technique is used in the “Marsan Watch Cap” to give the hat a nice folding line.

However, since you start the lines off with the word Row instead of round I think the instructions want you to switch to flat knitting. HTH.

oops, its been forever since I posted. I misquoted the pattern. Youre right its round not row.
I used to knit in the round, inside out. Now for the life of me I cant figure out how to do that now that I fixed myself.
It is to be able to turn the brim up neatly like you said.
Thanks for your answer. I will try to knit it inside out.

Check-out Row 25 of the Marsan Watchcap http://www.redlipstick.net/knit/martext.html

I just did, and did the work on the hat. I successfully turned the work but there is a hole and ladder at that spot now. It doesnt matter for this project because I am felting it and will be able to fill the spot before felting. I will have to learn how to do it without holes, but one another project. I have already ripped this 4 times. I am going to keep going at this point.
Thanks again for your help!

The hole should be smaller when you do a full round on the right side and you pick up the slip st. And won’t be noticeable when you felt it.