Turning sock heel

In Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, there is the elf slipper p. 138. This is my first sock - I’ve done lace scarves and such but they’re streight foreward compared to this shaping business.

After decreasing for the heel, you then increase and then…

“Knit one rnd on all sts, closing gaps at heel corners as follows: Insert the left needle tip from below into the purl loop 2 rnds below the last st of the precious rnd, scoop up the purl lop and place it on the left needle, k2tog…”

Anyway, this is gibberish to me. I wanted to finish one to wave at some friends tomorrow evening and tried to do what the author is saying but it looks awfully funky. I may have to just wave the finished items as a knitter who has done socks this way before will surely say, “girl, what the heck is this mess?” Thankfully, these are baby booties for my niece so odd joinings may not be noticed at all by the recipient(s)…

But what to do for a larger sock? Or for one that other knitters will see?


I guess I’d have to see the pattern to know just where you mean, but I think I can sort of picture it. Just do whatever looks good! For gaps, I often will pick up a stitch in the gap area, or even two stitches if it’s a big span, and knit it together with the adjacent stitch on the next round (don’t forget!).

Hope that helps!