"turning ridge or roll" help

I am just learning how to knit. I am trying to knit Christmas stockings and have only got as far as the cuff. It says to “k across for turning ridge or roll.” I have done this and now I just have one knitted row in with the purled side, and vice/versa. Is this what it is supposed to look like?


Do you have a link to the pattern? It would help since there are many different patterns for Christmas socks and they all look different.

Is this what it is supposed to look like?

It probably is. Usually you’ll get a purl ridge on the knit side and that’s where you turn the edge over for a hem.

I don’t have al link, sorry. I got the pattern out of a book. It’s called “Nicky’s Knitted Christmas Stockings.” I know it’s kind of difficult to picture it, but it’s just called a basic stocking. I think it is where the cuff is supposed to turn, but I’m new at this so I just wanted to be sure I was on the right track.

Yes, it’ll be the ‘turning ridge’ for the cuff.

Sue is right.