Turning in the Round

Hi everyone!

I want to make this “bow headband” for my friend. I found a link on Ravelry. It is made by Erin Kate Archer. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bow-headband

Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand the instructions. I understand that there is some way to “turn” the work. From what I understand, I should turn the work inside out, and knit on the “inside”, meaning I’ll be knitting towards the other direction? Is this correct? Is this what makes that certain are narrower than the rest of the band?

I might be completely wrong on this! I know! Hahah

Can anyone explain this to me? And how to do it? And if there are good videos, that would be great! Because I can’t wrap my head around this!

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to KH.

You’re going to be working short rows to add width to part of the headband. I couldn’t get a d/l of the pattern tonight, I’m not sure why, but will guess they’re telling you to wrap and turn or to just turn. Here’s the method I use, called German short rows.

Basically, you knit part way across a row, turn your work, and continue knitting. When you’re doing the short rows you’ll be working flat even though the headband is knit in the round. Sometimes the only way for things like this to make sense is to actually see it done or better yet, do it yourself.

Yes, the idea of the short row is to add width to the headband by knitting extra rows for most of it. The area that’s not included in the extra rows is narrower and will have the bow placed over it. Your short rows don’t use a wrap so all you need do is turn the knitting to the other side, the same way you would turn if you were at the end of a row, that is, take the left needle in your right hand and the right needle in your left hand and start to work back over the sts you’ve just knit. There’s a videohere for short rows and you could just ignore the wraps. Any little hole that’s created will be covered by the bow.
Pretty and useful pattern. Good luck with it.

I was looking at the pattern (such a huge d/l, must the photos) and found no gauge given. I was thinking I’d need a gauge swatch and figure out if it will be the right size when done. You might want to do the same, it would be a shame to make the whole thing and find out it is too big or too small. The ribbing will help make it stretch or hug the head but it still might need some adjustment.