Turning heel question

I’m trying to adapt this pattern http://media.wendyknits.net/media/sportweight-toe-up-socks1.pdf to make it work for a friends 6 year old son. I love the pattern because it so simple. I’ve got it in my mind how to make it with fewer stitches and maybe smaller needles, but the thing I need help with is turning the heel.

I understand, I have to go half plus 3 before the first ssk k1 turn,
but what I not sure on is how many to purl after the first turn. The pattern is set up for 40 stitches, k23 ssk, k1 turn, slip1 purl 7. But if say I only have 30 stitches, I’d k18 ssk, k1 turn, then how many should I purl before the next turn?

Sorry if I’m not making this clear enough.

If you’re going to decrease from 40 to 30sts for example, try decreasing the heel sts by 1/4 as well. So instead of k23, k18, as you suggest, would be about right. Do the same for the purl back stitch number before the next turn and see if that evenly divides the heel sts so that you can work them all.
This pattern is similar and is meant for children. You might take a look and see if it helps.

You know that makes perfect since, but let’s check my math.
30/40 is x/7. if I times 30 by 7 and divide by 40, I get 5.25. So do you think 5 would be the magic number?

I really appreciate the feed back. Thanks for taking the time to help. I guess if I’m worried to much, I could just do a heel turn with some waste yarn to see if it works.

Thanks for the pattern too, but I’m at a point where I’m just addicted to the toe up process. I hate the grafting. :teehee:

Yes, sounds good. If 7 is the number of sts in the original purl then sounds like 5sts would do it. I think your idea of workins just the heel on some scrap yarn is a good one. It’s a cure pattern and I can appreciate the ease of toe up.