Turning fingerless gloves into mittens

I want to make the Snowflake Fingerless Gloves on ravelry but want to make them mittens instead.

I saw some other people made them gloves but I like mittens. I have never made mittens though so I was wondering if anyone had any simple mitten patterns that I could just use the top of to add to the fingerless gloves. I figure at the end where there is a couple rows of blue I could just keep that going until I have a mitt but I don’t know how to shape the top of a mitt.

If anyone has any good basic patterns for shaping a mitten top that would help a lot. Plus, I will be knitting these on one long circular needles so I don’t know if that makes a difference for the mitten part.


Since you’re already on Ravelry, do a simple search for free mitten patterns - you can probably even find one the same guage and # of stitches as snowflake fingerless mitts.

This would be really easy to change. Instead of decreasing on row 73, just keep knitting straight. When the mitt gets to about the length of your little finger tip, dec on the side edges (where youre index and little finger are). Do a k2tog every other round on each edge - this is probably at the beginning of the round and halfway through. Then when it’s a bit more than the length of your longest finger (about ½" more), knit one more round plain, and cut the yarn, threading the tail through the sts on the needle like a drawstring, twice is good, and weave in the end.

Thanks Squeeze! That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

One other question, I was hoping to make these kind of big and then line them with fleece or something to make them -30 warm. If I just use bigger needles would that work? Or should I use bigger needles and thicker yarn?

I’ll try a couple swatches to see what works but if anyone has tried to do this and had some success, I would love to hear your secrets!

ermmmmm… that’s suzeeq. And thank you.

You could line them. I don’t know that heavier yarn would make them warmer, but alpaca is a very warm yarn, you might try that instead of standard wool.

Sorry about the misspell. :aww:

I thought thicker yarn because I want them bigger, using thicker yarn will make them bigger right? Just as they are now I don’t think that I would be able to wear them with a lining, they would be too tight.

For warmer mittens, you might want to think about thurming:

and some other patterns:


Wow! Thanks so much for those, I never knew you could do that but it would finally be a mitten fit for Edmonton winters. The wind just comes through all my mittens and my fingers are never warm enough.

Definitely going to make these, just have to track down some roving.

Yes, thicker yarn and larger needles will make them larger.