Turning corners on borders

Good afternoon all,

I’m making a baby blanket & I want to change the border. The one that is apart of the pattern doesn’t turn the corners for a seamless flow, it wants the knitter to knit each side separately & then sew the corners together.
Here is the pattern that I’d like to use:
c/o multiples of 2, +1
row 1 rs: k
row 2: k1, *[p1, yrn, p1, yrn, p1] into the next st, k1 *repeat to end
row 3: p
row 4: k1, *sl2, p3tog, p2sso, k1 *repeat to end
row 5: k

This shouldmake a nice little bobble that would look really cute with my houndstooth pattern. The problem is, I can’t wrap my head around how to turn the corners with ease.
If anyone could help me figure it out I’d be very appreciative.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


One thing you can do is to knit the border separately and stitch it onto the blanket, gathering the border at each corner. That way you’ll have the same cute border all around and it’ll lie flat instead of “cupping” at the corners.

You’re looking for a mitered corner. Basically, you’d increase stitches in the four corners as you work your way out from the center. Kind of looks like the increase line of a raglan sweater.

Lots of instructions out there for doing them - google “knitting mitered corner”. Simple way is to plan for a center stitch in each corner and every other round, do an increase stitch on either side of the center stitch. As your stitch count grows, you’d begin incorporating the stitch pattern into the new stitches.

Excellent, thank you both for the tips and ideas :slight_smile:
Now, let’s put it to work! Here goes nothing.