Turning a Scarf to Stole, advice?

Hi all! I just got the pattern for Ilga Leja’s Diamonds on the Diagonal which is gorgeous! However, I’d like to widen it from 8" to probably 10" or so. There are no suggestions provided on how to widen the scarf, so I was wondering if any of the talented people here have any suggestions or directions they can point me in.

I have no idea how to go about recalculating how many stitches to cast on to widen it w/o throwing off the pattern :??

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Without seeing the actual pattern, it’s hard to tell how difficult it would be, but you could try thicker yarn and bigger needles.

10" is pretty narrow for a stole, even on larger needles, unless you just want a really wide scarf. What you do is look at the pattern stitch repeat, and determine how many stitches in it; it may say that in the pattern notes. Then figure out how many more repeats you need to get the width you want. It may be 2 or 3 more. This doesn’t mean to just double or triple the stitch number, there’s edge sts that don’t repeat, so you have to look at how many in the edges.

Thanks so much! I can’t post the pattern as I feel that would be a violation of copyright, but I’ll take a closer look at the stitch repeat & see if I can figure something out.

You can post a row or two of it and we can help you out. Copyright violation is only posting the entire pattern.