Turning a heel- SSK?

Nicole here, fumbling through knitting my first pair of socks. I am stuck on turning the heel. I know how to Purl 2 together, however I don’t know what SSK is. I don’t have my instructions with me… forgive me. I watched the video, but am still at a loss.

Can anyone help?

Thank you,

Slip two stitches individually is if to knit.

Insert your left needle in though the front of them as they sit on the right needle. It will look as if you’re knitting into the back of two stitches after you do that.

Then knit them together.

Thanks so much, I’ll give it a whirl. :happydance:

Using your explaination, I successfully turned my first heel!! WOOHOO!! Thank you so much. Nicole

Hi BunnyChick
Well done on turning your first heel! I learned to knit socks last year and have since knitted about 20 pairs!
Pauline x x