What EXACTLY does it mean the a pattern says turn? I want to make a pattern from Stich and Bitch nation and I’m confused…is there a video or somewhere with great pics for me to look at? I’m a visual person. Thank you! :??

Have you knit anything at all yet? When you turn you just put the needle in your other hand and start on the other side.

If you look under the “Advanced Techniques” section of this site, you’ll see something on short rows. It sounds like you’re doing a short row in this situation.

Strictly speaking, “turn” means you turn the work over and start knitting the other side, even if you’re not at the end of the row. So if you’re in the middle of the row (i.e. have stitches on both needles), you just pick up the whole shebang, turn it over, your left needle is now your right and vice versa, and you can start knitting back the other way.

Hope that helps. If you watch the video on short rows, it might help you. Amy does a special thing called a wrap in that video, which you’d only want to do if a pattern called for it, but you can ignore that part.

Yes…If you have stich and bitch nation look at page 42…Row 1 of the wing set Monarch butterfly.