"turn work"

I’m doing a project on circular needles. I have 80 stitches per row, and I’ve done about 45 rows in knit stitch. I’ve just completed the 45th row and the instructions now tell me in caps to "TURN WORK."
So that means I’m basically going to be knitting in the opposite direction, right? Usually, when you knit on circs, the needles are in front and the work is in the back. If I turn my work and start knitting the other way, my work will be in front. Am I interpreting this right?
This item will be felted later…

(Edited to add that I’m not doing short rows here. After I turn the work, I’m supposed to knit rows 46 through 55.)

That’s right.

Thanks. I went with it, (Ingrid’s trust the pattern thing) and things are going well. The only problem is that there is a hole at the beginning of the round where I turned the work. I suppose that will be okay when felted. Unless there was something I could have or should have done to prevent that.

Most likely, you should have done a “wrap & turn,” which involves sort of wrapping the yarn around the last stitch on the needle by slipping the stitch to the other needle, bringing the yarn forward, putting the stitch back where it came from, and bringing the yarn back.

It sounds like you’re separating for the back and front? There shouldn’t be a hole unless you knit more than 45 sts coming back.