"Turn Work" and Missing Stitches

I have 2 issues with a pattern I found for a shawl. These are the particular rows I’m having trouble with:

[CENTER][B]Row 15 [WS]: P11, drop next st and allow to unravel back to CO. Turn work. 17 sts on needle.
Row 16 [RS]: K11.
Row 17 [WS]: P11.[/B][/CENTER]

First: What does it mean to turn the work? I haven’t found anything helpful (other than when it came to making socks but I didn’t know if that was the same thing intended for this pattern) through google so hoping I can find some helpful explanations here.

My second question is at the end of row 15 it says there should be 17 stitches… why is it then from row 16 on there are only 11 stitches to be worked? Where did those 6 stitches go?

Thank you to anyone who can help. It would be greatly appreciated. This shawl is very cute and can’t wait to make it, just have to get over this roadblock first!

Oh, and if it helps a bit more here is the link to the specific pattern I’m talking about.

Turn means to turn the piece as if you’re at the end of the row. You’re going to work the 11 sts on another section. I did a sample knit of this pattern and some of the directions confused me, but as I got to that point and did them, it all worked out.