Turn this picture into a pattern


I love this hat, but if you notice the price tag, it’s a bit ridiculous! I also just started knitting, and wanted to make this as my first hat (I’m a little ambitious). Can any awesome knitters help me turn this picture into a pattern? Or maybe just a link to a similar hat would help. Thanks so much! :woot:


You’re link doesn’t work for me. Seriously though I think you should learn to knit first to get even tension. Then do a hat and when you’ve learned that you can create your own pattern. It’s a lot of work especially this time of year. :shrug:

Welcome to the forum Nicole! What a cute hat! I think it might be crocheted instead of knitted … You might be able to get a sort of look alike with light weight yarn, a small needle and a knit 2, purl 2 rib stitch. Then you could make a braid out of several strands of yarn and attach it after the hat is finished with “brads” or some shiny buttons.

“Mistake Rib” might work !! It has a little more personality than k2p2 :slight_smile: http://knitting.about.com/od/stitchglossary/g/mistake_rib.htm

You will JUST LOVE THIS… make it like a NORMAL Ski Cap BUT knit one Purl one you will need a Worsted or Bulky to get it to look like the picture. As for the cable on the front… you can add an Embelishment like they did… or work in a Cable …I LOVE making hats I can tinker and see what I come up with but it will not be till after christmas I am working on BELLA MITTENS for my mom for christmas lol.

[B]Actually the more I look at it the more I think it would look better K3P3… in Worsted… I am so going to play lol… ( on my to play list)[/B]
[B]Ness:woohoo: [/B]

If you zoom in on it, it doesn’t look like a regular 1x1,2x2,3x3 or 2x1 rib at all.(“ctrl” + “+=” key;“ctrl” + “-_” key zooms back out).

I think it might actually be crocheted, like someone mentioned earlier.I think it might possibly be single crochet rib but I can’t really tell too well.Notice that the little grooves in the work don’t look like regular purl bars , but kind of look like sideways knit stitches.Another stitch I looked at that was similar was horizontal ribbing in crochet.

i can’t see the hat :shrug:

hello everybody :muah:

You have to navigate a bit for your country/language I think.Happens with a lot of designer/label websites.