Turn the Work?

Hello all,
I was signed up for a felted clog class at my LYS and there was a scheduling snafu and it won’t start until this coming weekend. As I already had the yarn and pattern, I thought I’d try it on my own and feel pretty successful so far! I have one question tho’ - I may be overthinking it, but when it says as part of the directions “turn”, what do I do? I am knitting on circs and have just joined it (this is the Fiber Trends clog) and am doing the first row after the joined row. Do I simply flip-flop the needles, simply turn it the other way, and knit until it says “turn” again? That seems to be the case, but I’d hate to make a mistake now when I have completed the sole.
Thanks very much,
Keri :notworthy:

Yes, you would just turn your work and turn your work again when it tells you. You are doing a short row.


Oh Thank You! I didn’t want to make a mistake since it has gone so well so far (knocking on wood). Many thanks! :muah: