TURN question

In the dog sweater pattern I am doing it says…

“seed st pat across 6 sts. TURN. cast on 4 sts. TURN…”

what does the turn mean?

Exactly that. Turn your work around and start heading the other directions. You may have stitches still left on your working needle and that is ok. You are probably working what are called short rows.

Look up “Short Row Shaping” technique in a knitting book or online. One important thing is that you have to wrap the yarn before doing the turn to avoid having holes.

You may or may not have to wrap. For garter stitch it’s usually not necessary and seed stitch may be similar. Anyway, this doesn’t sound like short rows. Work 6 sts, turn and CO 4 sts, then turn back and continue knitting. You’re just turning so you can cast on stitches to the needle with the rest of the stitches.