This is my first post…I’ve held off as long as possible. I am knitting fingerless gloves (supposed to be easy)Here is where I am having problems.

row 63:K20, m1, k10, m1, k20 (52 sts) okay so far
row 64: purl all stitches okay so far
row 65:K32 and turn…now I am getting into trouble

Next row (ws) cast on 1 st, p this st, p12, turn (13 sts)

For row 65 I am not finishing the row and then I turn the work around. Now what? I keep trying the next row and it bunches up and doesn’t seem right.
Can someone explain row 65 and the Next row and tell me exactly what to do. I don’t want to abandon this now as I have started it a few times and now it is looking good…until row 65…Help…I am a new knitter and just found this great website…It is so helpful!!! Thanks very much…Jen

Why’d you hold off? We’re a friendly bunch!

What you’re doing in your pattern is called short row shaping. It basically means what it says. You’re only knitting part of the row. It does seem odd to leave unknit stitches on your left needle, but just turn the work as it says and it will work out.

So you’ll knit your 32 st and turn your work around as if you finished the row.

Cast on one stitch on the left needle–backward loop will do-- and purl that stitch along with the next 12. I have a feeling that these 13 stitches are going to be your thumb stitches, and that you’ll only be working on these for a while–I could be wrong, so I don’t want to confuse you, but that’s what it sounds like.