Turn/ Bind off Question

Hi knitters! I am new to the forums (but have been lirking for some time) and new to knitting- question:

My pattern reads like this: (i’ve already knit 6.5 inches in stockinette)

“Row 1: K1, yo, k2tog, k24, TURN. (the rest of the stiches sit and wait)”

“Row 2: BO 1st stitch, p to last 3 sts, k1, p1, k1”

I’ve got Row 1 done… but am unsure how to “bo 1st stitch” after turning. Do I need to bind of like I normally would by knitting 2 stitches and then pulling the 1st over over the 2nd? The yarn is coming from the wrong needle… does that make any sense? I’m right handed, and the yarn is normally on the right needle, but it’s on the left needle. So confused.

Here is the link to the pattern, if that helps, i am on “the great divide” section:

Thanks so much!

Yeah, that is a little weird, but I tried it and you can do it. The last thing you were doing in row 1 was a bunch of knits so when you turn you are on the purl side. The yarn is on the left needle, but kind of in front, so purl 2 and lift the first one over for the BO, then the yarn is in the right place to continue.

Or you could p2tog. Pretty much the same thing.

It worked! :cheering: And now I am stuck a bit… haha.

row 3: k1, p1, k to end.

Do I do this on just the stitches that are “sitting and waiting” or am I working the whole row again? When I initially read it, I thought just the waiting stitches but now I’m not so sure!


Sounds to me like you are working the same stitches you worked in rows 1 & 2, so the ‘sitting and waiting’ stitches are still sitting and waiting. I think those ‘sitting and waiting’ stitches are the back, and you come back to them when you get to the directions for the back.

I believe Carey is right. You are making one of the fronts right now and you just leave all those other stitches until you are through with the front then you rejoin the yarn and do the back, etc.