Turn around knitting on circular


I found a pattern online to make a twisted rib hat. It says to knit on a circular needle and p2, k1 repeated for 2 rows. Then skip 1, p1…

At any rate, I’m getting a beautiful twisted rib but it’s coming out on the wrong side of the hat (inside).

After you continue this pattern for 3", it says to finish off with knit all the way around (which should be stockinette stitch). Right?

Problem: :?? Since my twisted rib is coming out on the wrong side, is it possible for me to then turn the hat inside out while keeping the work on the circular needle for me to finish with knit stitches? I’m guessing the only other way would be to finish off with p’s, but I don’t really want to do that.

I hope this makes sense and that there’s a solution. Help! Thanks.

You can flip it inside out. Have you tried? Do it and knit a bit of it and see if it looks right to you.

ditto. you just need to turn your tube inside out.

I have a similar type pattern and it is a spiral rib hat. The spiral goes all the way to the top of the hat. It is a work in progress right now. When done I would like to compare it with yours.