Turkish Treasure from Scarf Style

I hope someone can help me with Turkish Treasure from Scarf Style (pg 71)…it uses a technique of adding a new strand of yarn for each row, making a self fringe as you work by leaving a long tail at the beginning and end of each row. I’m new to crochet, and apparently I wasn’t adding new strands on correctly. I found myself progressively losing stitches with each row.

Is there a trick to joining a new strand at the beginning of a row? I’m familiar with doing a single chain stitch when turning; is there a similar technique? :??

You should actually change colors on the last stitch of the row below. I don’t have the pattern, so I don’t know what stitches you’re doing, but here’s a (hopefully helpful) explanation: You want to add the new color at the last YO and pull through of the stitch. So, if you’re doing single crochet, you put the hook through the stitch, then pull the new color through. If you’re doing double crochet, start with your first color, YO, put hook through, YO (old color) and pull hook through two loops on hook, YO (New color) and pull through two loops on hook.
Leave a fringe-length tail of both colors.
If you need clarification of this not-so-concise description, let me know!

I’ll pull the project out and give that a try. I’ll have to frog it and start over, but that’s all part of learning! Thanks! :slight_smile: