Turkish String Bag

Has anyone made the Turkish String Bag? I’m wondering what success others have had with it.

The look of it appeals to me more than the Saturday Market Bag or other styles that I’ve seen. The pattern looks very simple and I need to make two or three of something pretty quickly.

I looked at that one but I went with the Saturday Market Bag. One thing I’d do for any of these type bags is to adjust the shoulder strap. IMHO, the single thin straps stretch too far and can be uncomfortable. I used this one

and you might check out the KAL for other alternatives.

hmmmm… those straps are only 4 stitches across. The strap on the TSB is 15 across. Here’san adaptation of the TSB with a strap that is 10 across.

I’m inclined to think the outer strap of two would tend to drop off the shoulder. How’s yours working out?

Oooh I like that adaptation.

I gave the bag to my sis, so I didn’t get to use it and haven’t had time to make another. In that first pic, the strap didn’t look very wide and I saw where the author said she had made it too long, so maybe the shorter version would be fine.

Since you’re planning to knit a few, maybe try different variations. Everyone has their own preference and they are a pretty quick project.

I made one a while ago. The straps streched out after a while, so I just tied them together in a knot and it worked well.

ok, now you two have me wondering if an icord strap would be better.