Turkish Caston? Need Video

I need to make some baby booties with a turkish cast on. I didn’t find that on KH. Anyone know where I can get it?:x:

These are pics, but good ones:

I made a small pouch using that site. Worked so well.

A follow up:

has videos on it. Just do a search there.

Hope all goes well. :thumbsup:

I learned from the fluffyknitterdeb website that was Gertie linked to. :thumbsup:

Thanks for those links, but the pattern has me confused. It’s Baby’s Floral Bootees

So do you cast on so that you have 30 st. on both top AND bottom or is it 15 each for total of 30?:shock:

Started with bottom, CO 30sts ”Turkish cast-on” (there are instructions all over the internet), knit in round. inc. in every 2nd row 2sts in “every corner” 5 times (=70sts). Knit 5 rows, then next row, knit together with the stitches from the 5th row down (4 rows will make the bump in between).[/B]

CO 30 sts and they’ll wind up as 15 for the top and 15 on the bottom.

Those are the loveliest booties I’ve ever seen.

I love those booties! :inlove: