Turkish bed socks

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I saw :cheering: a turkish bed socks which is in 3 colors and :?? i think it is short row knitting technique .Is somebody have :x: tried this before? so please :psst: help me.

I cann’t remember really :?? maybe in knitting forum :x: how to question :?? or may be in pattern central :?? somebody send to someone one :hiding: webside :shrug: maybe utube :hiding: webside video in which they show some crochet video :doh: i tried to find that but no succe :grrr: ss.
will you like to help me? :aww: xxx :x: :guyknitting:

I"m not sure what you are asking for Syeda. Can you please be more specific?

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is there a message? or just some text stuck between the emoticons?

Anne Zilboorg (and others) have written books about turkish/anatolian style socks. and anyone could be used as bed socks.

traditional turkish socks have somewhat pointed toes and ‘afterthought’ style heels (also pointed)

and many incorporate lots of colors… (some are basic 2 colors to a row design,–with stripes or other changes of color (but only 2 colors per row)

some have 3 or more colors in a row, as well as stripe like changes.


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Syeda I don’t know anything about the turkish socks but is this the crochet video site you are talking about? It is the only one i have seen posted lately but I don’t read every post so not sure if there were others.

Hope it helps. :hug: