Tunisian crochet

Has anyone done a project with this method? The effect is absolutely gorgeous! I made what turned out to be a short scarf, but I’d like to do more than a rectangle. The online patterns I’ve seen have been rather ‘eh’. Any suggestions?

Here’s the ‘scarf’

I saw an episode of Uncommon Threads demonstrating this method of crochet but I haven’t done it yet. Your scarf looks beautiful! I know that nexstitch.com has some tunisian stuff.

I have made the sampler afghan from Leisure Arts leaflet 2501,
52 Tunisian Crochet Stitches. I got it off eBay and it is an excellent
resource for tons of different stitches which could be used for
projects. I just have never ventured beyond the sampler afghan :slight_smile:


Tunisian Crochet felts beautifully ;)… (thinking handbaggies)

Ooh, thanks all! :cheering:

The Tunisian crochet handbag intrigues me…I’ll bet it’s REALLY sturdy!

I just (almost) finished this project.

I’m debating a lining…I used fusiable interfacing to secure the embroidered stitch ends and give the bag some stability overall. So between that and the stitch pattern, the bag is very sturdy.

Guess I should line it just for the sake of a nice finish!

Sigh…Off to the fabric shop! :lol:

Kolor, that bag is absolutely gorgeous!

Something I’ve been playing around with recently is double-ended crochet. It’s very similar to afghan in that you pick up loops and then work them off to form one row.

What I like about double-ended is the reversible fabric it creates.

Thanks so much Inis!!

It was a fun first tunisian project for me.

I bought a Cro-Hook recently but haven’t worked with it yet…I do have a couple of skeins of complimentary yarn I may try the process out on, and the beauty of your fabric is making it hard to resist but, not until I get my sweater OTNs…It’s starting to feel abandoned! LOL

OMG~ that is a GREAT hand bag~! I haven’t ventured into tunisian crochet yet… I am still trying to decrease and increase…
but you guys get me to:think::think::think::think:

BTW: the double ended crochet is also very COOL just b/c tlike tyou said you get two projects done at the same time~! How cool~!

That bag is stunning, as is the two-color crochet! :inlove:

I might just have to invest in an afghan needle or two.

Have any of you used the hooks with the cables on the ends that allow for larger projects?

Im working on a graph gran doing the tusscan stitch and its so fun to watch the photo take shape.

that is great i will have to try that.

What a great thread with cool projects.

Someone asked for more resources about this? At the back of 300 Crochet Stitches (or whatever the title, the one put out by the Harmony Guides) there are some stitches, and even more in 300 More Crochet Stitches. Or was it 200? Can’t remember.

Do afghan needles come in different lengths?

I saw a pattern for an afghan that calls for a chain 120. That’s alot of loops that have to fit on the hook.



Hi Leslie!

I believe the maximum length for a “hard” afghan hook is 14" but there are also flexible afghan’s hooks (like Circs) that will handle 120 stitches with ease!

Check your favorite brand…Most manufacturers carry them!

Good luck with your project!