Tunisian Crochet Stitch

Hi putting my :knitting:away for awhile…switching back to crochet…I am using Nextstich Tutorial for Tunisian (afghan stitch) but they do not offer very many free patterns (for Tunisian) Anyone have a link:muah:

This month’s issue of Knit.1 has a Tunisian crochet pillow; it’s a peacock feather intarsia.

Crochet Pattern Central has some Tunisian crochet patterns: http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/tunisian_crochet.php . Just doesn’t seem like there are many patterns out there for it. :frowning:

You’re probably going to have the most luck searching for afghan or tunisian crochet, but you might try looking for tricot crochet, railroad knitting, and shepherd’s knitting too.

Oh! And the current issue of Crochet Today has a Tunisian bag pattern, with a rose cross-stitched on to it too.

Some places will have it hiding under a different name. I believe Annie’s Attic has some patterns under Crochenit and call it different but the tool to make it and the basic stitches appear the same.

Maggies Crochet has lots of patterns. They are not free but some of them are beautiful. I am in the process of re-learning how to do it. I used to do it MANY years ago. I do remember that it curls real bad.:knitting:

What Beth Ham in Texas does is to draw up the loops on the first row through the back loops to prevent curling. I came across this pattern for Tunisian hats yesterday. It looks very easy. You might want to check out Beth’s tutorial here. She shows you how to do Tunisian so that it looks exactly like knitting stockinette stitch.