Tummy patch on teddy bear onesie. Help!

Hey all!

I am slightly new to knitting and I am taking on a big project. I’m currently knitting a teddy bear onesie for my nephew. Though I am very confused about the instructions for the tummy patch, which is in a different color.

The instruction for placing the tummy patch are as follows:

“Join in CC (Contrasting Color) and, twisting yarns together where they meet to avoid holes forming, place charts for tummy patch as follows:
Next Row (RS): Woork first 16 sts as row 1 of chart A, pattern to last 16 sts, work last 16 sts as row 1 of chart B.
Next Row: Work first 16 sts as row 2 of chart B, patt to last 16 sts, work last 16 sts as row 2 of chart A.
Work as set until all 38 rows of charts have been completed, ending with RS facing for next row.
Break off CC and continue using MC only.”

Now I understand all the abbreviations and everything they are saying, but how it would work according to the chart is what confuses me. In regards to color, in the first row, I would knit four stitches with CC, knit with MC unitl the last four, and then knit four with CC.
Second row sould be knit six with CC, knit with MC until last six, knit six in CC.
And the stitch number in the CC grows with each row until the middle and then decreases again to form a circle.

How do I go about doing this? Do I simply have to keep cutting the string of the CC and starting over when I need to use it in the row again? Or is there another way of doing this?

I hope this made sense. I’m so confused on this matter and I don’t have anyone who can help me so anything would be great. Any videos you can link me to would be great as well.

Thank you! :hug:

The technique that will probably work best is called Intarsia. You’ll have separate balls of yarn for the different areas of color so that you don’t have to cut the yarn each time you change. There’s a video for it on the KH site under Free Videos. Amy shows you how to twist the yarns so you won’t get a hole.

That’s really helpful! Thank you so much!