Tulip sweater v.2

Hi everyone!
I’m knitting the lovely Tulip Sweater V.2. of hipknitshop.
it’s a bottom up in 5 colors, i have finished the body and it’s time to divide the front and back pieces to work seperately. But i’m finding it difficult to understand this part of the pattern:

  • Is the triangle pattern written in RS - WS - RS …?
  • In that case, the decreases should be done only in the first 3 rows (RS) of the triangle pattern, right?
    so for example, in the first row of the triangle pattern: “work 3 sts in color 2” means: first 2 sts for the decrease + knit 1 st, am i right?

thank you!

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Thank you for the link, ColoCro.
The triangle pattern is written for in the round. Once you’ve separated for the armholes you’ll be working back and forth. Depending on the stitch number, the design may be symmetrical so that it ends with 3sts in color 2. In that case you can follow the pattern on the WS rows (2sts in color 2, with a repeat on 3sts in color 5, 3sts in color 2). Of course, as you follow row 2 you will account for the decreased sts at each end.

If not symmetrical over the entire front or back, once you’ve worked the base of the triangle on RS row one in color 2, for WS row 2 just center the 3sts in color 2 over the 5sts of row 1. On the RS for row 3 again center the single stitch of the triangle over the 3sts of row 2.

Yes, decreases on the first 3 RS rows at each end of row. For row 1 that’s “first 2 sts for the decrease + knit 1 st” as you posted. The next RS row will “eat into” the triangle pattern again as will the third RS row.

Just keep checking from the RS that the triangles are narrowing as they grow upwards.