Tulip Baby Sweater anyone?

The Yarn Harlot recently posted pictures of the Tulip Baby cardigan that she was working on. I fell in love with it.:inlove:

After doing some “research” I found a shop in MN that sells the kit. I just ordered it today and was wondering if anyone else is interested and would like to join me in knitting one. Below is a link to the sweater and the shop that has the kit at a good price.:happydance:


You can also check out the “Yarn Harlots” website and scroll down a bit and you’ll see her’s too. I think its just beautiful.:hug:

I saw that same sweater and fell in love with it, too! Do you happen to know any information on the sizing? I could maybe justify making it for my daughter, but she’d probably need an 18 month… I think it’s beautiful! :inlove:

I called the shop to check the sizing, and was told its 6-9 size, only. The pattern, not just the kit. Weird. Dont know that I’ve ever seen a pattern written for 1 size!

Quiltlady, do you know what skill level this pattern is rated, and is it knit on circulars or sections.

I really want to make a baby sweater, although I have no one to give it to. But this one is cute and cheery.


I am definitely interested too, but I’ve never made a sweater before. Would this be a good [B]first sweater[/B]? The idea of doing my first sweater as a KAL sounds good, and a baby sized one sounds like a good place to start too.

Is it made top down, seamless on circulars?


I Googled the Tulip Baby Sweater and found the answers to my questions in someone’s blog. The sweater is knit top down without seaming. I’m going to try ordering a kit. I’ll have a new great-niece in August. This might be the perfect Christmas present for her!

I’m sorry I didn’t check back at this thread after I checked it a few times.

I finished the sweater. It is very good for a beginner. IT is not made in the circular even tho I do use my circular needles for most of my knitting.

I got the kit here, they also sell just the pattern and even just the yarn as a “refill”.


I got my kit in TWO days after calling in my order. I am very pleased with their service.

Here is my sweater…

So cute! You sure did finish it quickly!!

To be honest, I do knit really quickly. It’s when I don’t understand the directions that it puts me off for a few days. I do everything fast…except lose weight.:pray:

I had e-mailed threadbear wanted to buy this kit but they still havn’t replied to my e-mail so I’m tryign the company ya’ll are reccomending. I would like to knit it too!! Threadbear has a load of colorways availible too, btu I want the original so I don’t care where i order it from lol.

yes i’m having trouble getting the pattern…:wall:

I ordered my kit from the site below. I got it in TWO days. I am thrilled with their service.:cheering:


I also ordered from coldwater, they got backlogged and it took them 6 more days then they origianl said to send it out but dang it got here in 2 days when they did send it, and they wrote me a nice email after i emailed them to ask on the status. I think they are high in demand and thats the only reason it took them so long, but once they shipped it BAM it got here fast and they are very nice.

So I have my kit, I might cast on tonight :slight_smile:

They do have great service. Isnt’ the yarn nice? I’d love to have a hank of each color but they are around $17.00 each.:oo:

I just found this sweater online and it looks a LOT like the Tulip one I made…this pattern is free.


It does look a lot like it, one major difference is that tulip is knit raglan style, that knitty one has seamed in sleeves. just FYI! Both are adorable.

I started last night, I can’t wait to get the sleeve stitches onto a holder, then stuff will really go fast!

I can’t wait till I get this pattern [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]and someone to knit it for. [SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]It’s so cute! It looks like they add the new color on the RS that creates that little detailing? [/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]

it’s just a k1p1 and because you do that ON the color change row it creates that odd ripple effect. Its pretty though! i think they do it so the color transitions are less like a hard line.

The people at my LYS are the ones behind both the pattern and the yarn for this one! :cheering: I was just in there yesterday, and they said they’ve had TONS of orders for it…they can barely keep up. When it rains, it pours, I suppose! :teehee: