Tulip Adult Cardigan

Remember that adorable Tulip Baby Cardigan? Now they have an adult version! It’s at the bottom of this page… I might have to add it to my collection… :oo: I think I’m becoming a pattern junkie… :teehee:

On Rav…

:thumbsup: Thanks!

I’m with you on the pattern junkie…and now that ravelry has instant download or just put it in your library…well my buying of patterns is really wanting to get out of control :rofl:

No kidding! I hope that I live long enough and get brave enough to make all these things I want and buy. :teehee:

I LOVE colors on the one I linked to in Rav.

Thanks Jan!

I’ve always loved the baby one but I adore the adult version. I added to my Faves in Ravelry. :inlove: