Tuck Stitch

I need help with a tuck stitch !
The instructions say: “Drop st down 3 rows. Replace st and strands on left hand needle and purl through st and strands.”

The stitch I’m dropping is a purl stitch… so it ends up behind the strands. Do I just place the stitch back on the needle and loop the strands over the needle? Then purl those 4 threads?

I worked several rows like this… It just looked sorda messy!

thanks for your help!

I don’t think you’re supposed to knit all the threads individually. I think they’re supposed to be caught when you purl the stitch. So if you bring the loop up behind the strands, then put the strands as one on the tip and purl as if they’re all one stitch (under the front strands and into the stitch), then you’ll get what you want.

thank you . I think that’s what I was doing… perhaps I didn’t do enough rows to see the result consistently.

Is it correct to just [B]lay the strands over the left needle[/B] and purl with the loop as one stitch?

Hope this makes sense!
Thanks for your help - I’ll give it another try!

Yes. I was curious so I tried this and I put the stitch on the needle, then laid the strands over it and purled through them all. It made a nice little gathering.