Tuck Pattern troubles

Hi, I am having some trouble with this pattern that is found in the vogue knitting magazine issue winter 2006/2007. The pattern picture in found on page 89, it is the Anna Sui-resort crochet. This pattern is knitted on top and then the bottom is crochet on the bottom. The problem I am having is that the tuck/ or textured waffle pattern seams to not come out right. The v-stitch that is created from the instructions make the pattern reversed. Can anyone help me. Is there something that I am missing. Someone had told me that the I should pural on the right side instead of the wrongside. I still am not getting the right look according to the picture. The instuctions fall on page 123.

The tuck pattern instructions are printed as this: Row 1 (ws) Purl. Row 2 knit. Row 3 purl. Row 4 knit. Row 5 purl. Row 6 k2, k next st 4 rows below, *k5, k next 4 rows below; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2. Please help, I would really like to make this top. It is really cute.
Susan :notworthy: