Tubular stitch?

Has anyone ever used this stitch? I just read about it in the Knitting School Book that I got from the library and have never heard of it before. That and the long stitch.

It doesn’t give an example? I’m not familiar with either one, I will have to look in some books & online

It shows how to do it, and it’s usually used as a cast on method, but they showed in on a swatch too. I need to reread it. I searched online but only found it used as a cast on method.

Well…it says how to do it, but it doesnt really say what it’s used for. You close it with the kitchener stitch, so maybe it’s just another way to say it’s double knitting to make it “tubular”?

Here’s a link I was just reading the other day: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/FEATfall05TT.html The bit about tubular cast on is close to the bottom of the page. It says that it’s an awesome cast on for ribbing. I’ve not yet tried it though.

Yea, I was just reading this earlier, but it didnt explain any further than the book here did…Cause the book here shows how to keep knitting that way.

I did like that article tho :slight_smile: now i want to know all cast ons

I only found tubular cast on, too. Maybe the tubular st is similar to an icord bind off? That’s kind of tubular.