Tubular French hem

Please help me. I desperately need a picture or video on how to create a tubular hem. I have cast on half the number of stitches, knit 8 rows of stockinette St., pulled out the cast on row, folded and K1 P 1 from front and back needle. My picked up live stitches are all terribly slanted. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure what a tubular hem is, but I’ve heard of a tubular cast on. I’ve done a hem like this and it’s all done without having to seam it, but it’s not called tubular.

What is it you’re trying to do this on?

I just looked it up on Google and the only place I see reference to a “tubular hem” is for machine knitting. Did you look on YouTube?

Here’s a tutorial on just what you’ve done but it’s a little vague about showing the final knit across both sets of sts (in this case, a k2tog). You may be twisting the cast on sts which is making the join row slant. If you think that might be it, go back and unknit the row. Now at least all the sts will be on one needle. You can re-align all the sts onto another needle and then put them back onto the working needle or you can re-align the sts as you knit across the row.
(Jan, it’s a pleasure to see your beautiful details on this hem.)