Tubular cast on

Yikes. It’s not hard, but I must have tried 6 times and messed up. Note to self…do not do it with a dark yarn at night. Or ever. :zombie: I haven’t decided whether I’m going to try again tomorrow with lighter yarn or stick to long tail for this hat. :nails:

Btw… I’m doing a test of sorts. How many hats can you make with 4 skeins of Plymouth Encore. I’ve knit one with a 1x1 stripe and 4 color helix stripe. So cool how there is NO jog!

Have you tried the long-tail tubular CO shown in this video by Ysolda Teague?

I think you’re so right. The real killer is the dark yarn at night. Light yarn is so much easier to work these things out with. Good luck with it.

I was going to do a pattern with purple and dark teal. I’ll try using the teal since its a little lighter or brighter anyway.

I haven’t seen the video, but I’ll check it out.thanks!

That does make a beautiful cast on. I’ll give that one a try, too!

Decided this is too fiddly for me right now. :zombie: Just doing a hemmed brim hat instead. I mostly do ribbed or rolled so at least it’s something different. :lol:

I make it a point to work black, navy blue, gray, brown, dark green, and dark purple yarns only during the day. Even with the best lighting, I still mess them up at night. With bifocals and the eyesight not what it used to be, I have a much more enjoyable knitting and crochet session with lighter colored yarns.

Agreed! I am using dark purple and dark teal. :zombie:

I watched Eunny Jang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jefvxJFOpU and will check the link posted above. Which method (apparently there are several) did you use? I’ve not tried this yet, maybe later today I can. If you find it challenging, I’m thinking I might have real problems.

Yeah, I looked at Eunny Jangs. I actually looked at several and tried various methods. I think the biggest problem was trying to work with dark yarn. I had a hard time seeing which stitch was which.

One thing that kind of messed me up was there are apparently a couple ways to do long tail for both knit and purl? Or maybe the technique to produce a look alike tubular is different. I don’t know. I’m working in the round and regular tubular is generally done flat. I don’t really have a problem with seaming that small section, but I wanted to try it in the round.

Maybe another time. I’m about ready to do the hem on the hat I restarted again.

Oh Jan! Eunny Jang’s demo is crystal clear! Please watch it! The most important thing to remember: your waste yarn should be a different color than your garment yarn. She uses med blue waste yarn, light blue garment yarn…but I’d go even farther out there…a blue waste yarn for a red garment!

(I remember seeing this in one of the KDTV-DVD shows)


Thanks, I will tomorrow! I ended up just intending to do a hem. Unfortunately I decided after I’d cast on and gone an inch so when I tried to hem it was difficult to pick up the stitches. So I started to take out the bind off and put it on needles. That is not hard, but annoying and time consuming so I ended up inserting the needle lower in a destination row and cutting it off. Much better, but it’s the longest hat project ever. :doh: I’m learning a lot though! :lol:

I can tell just from the still image in the video link that I’m gonna have to pass on this one. Yikes!

Really, it’s worth watching the video. It’s not hard, just a different technique. Even if you decide not to use it now, it’s a good one to file away for later.

Mmm… no, I can pretty well tell you I’m never gonna use this one. But then, I know something you wouldn’t have any way of knowing; I’m missing the first 3 fingers of my left hand, so there are some techniques I’m just never gonna be able to use. But there are enough that I CAN use (and others I can fake) to get by on.

The part your seeing is her style of holding the working yarn. I think you could use your way and still come out with the intended pattern. I would give it a try just to learn something new.