Tubular Cast On

Hi all.

I have been working with the tubular cast on and I have found that the subsequent 2x2 ribbing is quitea mess. I hope tye pictures allow you to see the issue. The columns get wider as at the cast on edge and the left column seems to veer over to one side. I wonder of this has something to do with my tugging on the yarn to close the gap between the knit and the purl stiches? I do not use a provisional cast on for this method.

Any advice?

I’m never all that happy with the 2 x 2 tubular cast on.
I don’t know if this is the method you used or a variation. You can see from these 2 videos that the purl sts do recede but the knit sts don’t seem to spread too much.

It may be that by tightening up the purls on both sides, the knits are spreading out. Maybe just even tension will help?

I tend to substitute 1 x 1 rib in the tubular cast on because for me, it looks neater. I don’t like the look of the rearranged sts for 2 x 2.

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Thank you

Update for anyone experiencing the same problems.

I have manage to solve the issues by doing the following:

Making the cast on quite tight
Making the first two and last two stitches on the set up row snug
Not tugging the first stitch (or the purls after a knit) of the join too tightly


Thanks so much for reporting back. That’s very helpful and I’m glad you’ve solved the problem. It would be lovely to see your finished project.gl

I reviewed both videos and a couple more. They all start with K1, P1 rib and that is why I think the spread is caused by the swapping of stitches from K, P to K2, P2 rib. :face_with_head_bandage:

It reminds me of cable crossings. The first and last stitch of the row do not cross and so they look normal.

I haven’t worked out how to fix it yet. :thinking:

I am currently starting a stocking hat. I will start with crochet in waist yarn and immediately start my K2, P2 ribbing from there. I’ll let you see the results of my experiment.

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I found this method (video below) that begins with 4 row of contrasting wast yarn in stockinette and only half the required stitches.

Here is my 2x2 rib in Caron simply soft silver using the above video method. I find the ribs run straight to the edge.

(My modification of the video method)
After the first k row of working color, I change to k1,p1 rib for 2 rows.

This makes my increase row (Row 4) as follows: [k1 from ndl, k1 from below (the p bump of working yarn); p1 from ndl, p1 from below] repeat across.
Knit in 2x2 rib as established.

After 2cm or 1 in. You can pick out the waste yarn.