Tubular cast on using crochet method

Im about to make a sweater for my husband and the pattern instructs me to CO using a tubular cast on (using the crochet method)
I know how to do a provisional cast on using the crochet method but for the life of me i dont understand the tubular cast on part. It doesn’t explain it at all in the pattern and i cant find much online that explains how the two things can be used together
Hope this makes sense. Typing on my cell phone and its impossible.

There are any number of ways to do a tubular cast-on. (I spent the entire summer trying to develop a way to do it in 1x2 rib using two colors and felt like I tried them all!)

If she’s mentioning a crochet hook, then she probably is referring to any of the ones that start with a provisional cast-on, as opposed to ones that start with a long-tail style cast-on.

There are three different methods in the below article. Two start with a provisional cast-on.


The pattern is in the interweave magazine 2015 fall and its the Cotswold Hensley mens sweater.
my problem is that i cast on using my provisional crochet method then im instructed to purl one row then the next row states "K1, lift running thread between stitches and purl; rep from * to last st, blah blah blah.
the real problem is that if i pick up the running thread when i pull out the provisional cast on the live stitches are not picked up.
ive tried this three times and im ENRAGED!
!* am i doing/reading wrong?

I have to give this a try. I should have the issue of Interweave at home and will look at it tomorrow night. Hang on for the moment please.

Thank you so much!

I think you’re missing the part between getting the yarn on the needle and the true end of a tubular cast on.

A tubular cast on consists of the part we normally think of as casting on, then a few rounds of stockinette or rib depending on which particular one you executed. You’ll have two to four rows on your needles before you done casting on.

With the provisional method, you work a few rows, then put the live needles from the cast on onto a spare needle. Fold the fabric up and work both sets of live stitches. (Which is why you also typically cast on half the stitches needed.)

The link I provided before has great pictures showing this.

OK, I tried the tubular cast on with the crochet chain. (I don’t use a crochet chain mostly because I’m so bad at it.) Are you using a different color yarn for the chain? It makes it easier to see the strand between stitches. I found it easier to pick up the strand with the left needle and purl into it but you can do it with the right needle if that’s easier. I continued with the rib pattern for several rows before taking out the crochet chain. You could leave the chain in until the end if you like.

Very pink has a different method (as lewister says there are many different ways to do this). She used a thumb loop cast on with waste yarn and then doubles the sts with a yarn over instead of picking up the loop.

Try on some scrap yarn just to see if this works better of you.
In your post #3, I don’t understand what you mean by “the live sts are not picked up”?

Thank you so much for the help .turns out i was using the wrong method to cast on ! That parts done now but now im hung up on the next part!
Im working the body and on the row that’s titled "next rnd " it gives directions on how to read the charts that i find very confusing. Am i doing one round with the Henley chart row 1 then the next with the garter chart? Then i continue doing the same rows lokr do i progress up the charts? And what about the red outline entitled “patter. Repeat”? At what point do i just do that? Sooooo confused.
Hopefully the poster who has the magazine can take a peek? Id really appreciate it. Thank you!

Ok new question.
I see now that each section between markers is alternating between the two charts. Now my only question is this:
When Starting the charts it says "beginning with st 2 and ending with st 2 of the chart work Henley chart to m.
Next the instructions read “continue in pattern for 16”

Does this mean that all rows of the Henley chart should be started on the second stitch of the chart???

And the garter chart…i start it each time with stitch one of the chart then i just do the stitches in the red box? Is that the idea?

Yes and yes. You have it exactly. The pattern alternates around with Henley and Garter Basketweave. Henley starts at stitch 2 on all the rounds and Garter Basketweave starts at stitch 1 and continues with repeats of the red box.

Thank you! What a peach you are!!