Tubular cast on question

I’m looking for a good cast on for ribbing and this one seems to look the best. I have a question though…can you use this cast on with more than 1x1 ribbing? How about 2x2 or 4x1, etc? There seems to be several methods…is one better than another?

Hi Jan,
You can do 2x2 ribbing with the tubualr cast on (as seen here[scroll down some]: http://ysolda.com/wordpress/pictorial-guides/double-rib-tubular-cast-on/).

I believe that like other methods of provisional cast on (and casting on itself) it is what works best and or is most comfortable for the knitter and project.

PS. Here is another page I have found for 2x2 ribbing (no other ribbing sets, though; however, I would still think you might be able to do it if you are familiar with double knitting. But it could take some tinkering.):


and here is a nice QuickTime video showing the singular ribbing method (Italian style):


there are at least 5 (maybe 7 depending on how you count the methods) for creating a tubular cast on…

some use provisional cast ons, some use the ‘regular yarn’ as waste yarn, and some don’t use waste yarn/provisional cast ons!

I like the NO waste yarn/no provisional cast on method–also known as the Italian method (for a tubular cast on)

–but you could easily sub the magic cast on, work 1 round, then work the 2 sided of the round into 1 new row (think of a 3 needle bind off… hold the magic cast on in left hand, with both sets of stitches positioned near tip…

take the other end of one of the circ’ (or a third needle)
and * knit 1 from front needle, Purl 1 from back, (or knit 2/purl 2) --this will give you the same result as the italian method…

(as will fluff buffs method… LOTS of ways to get this result!)

another option is the[B] forward and reverse long tail[/B]

i show it in a youtube video in 2 colors (for double knitting) but you can easily work it with a standard long tail set up (ie 1 color of yarn, with a long tail!) and work 2 standard long tails (2 purls) 2 reverse long tails (2 knits cast ons)–and repeat–(or work in any ribbing pattern you want… 1 X3 , 2 X 5…etc) --not just the 1 X 1 (in two colors) that i demontrate

here is a link to my YouTube video’swhere you can find a link to the Italian (no waste yarn) tubular cast on and the 2 color (knit and purl) long tail cast on… among others

Whoa…lots to think about! The fingerless mitts I am going to make call for 4x1 ribbing, but I can fudge it around and do a 2x2 on the edge if I have to.

Thanks for the ideas and links. I’ll give them a try and see what works for me. :thumbsup: