Tubular Cast-On For Circular Knitting


I’m not sure my last question was posted so here I go again. It seems that each time I try to work in the round with tubular cast-on doing a 1x1 rib, I get a major jog where I join. I haven’t been able to get rid of this. I have done this in 2x2 ribbing and I have never had a problem with it. It might be something stupid and small that I am overlooking, but I just always end up with a really big jog no matter what I do or how tight I knit it.

Here is the website with the instructions for tubular cast on: http://www.woolfestival.com/articles/tubular_caston.htm

I’m really hoping I can get help immediately because I am making a pair of socks (hopefully) for my mom for her birthday which is coming up very soon… so I have to get started ASAP.

Hope someone out there has some insight.



It would help to see a picture of your problem, but generally, using the tail to weave the jog into place is sufficient to obscure the problem. I’ve used the tubular caston circularly and never noticed a significant jog after weaving in the end.

The directions you posted also say what Marnie suggested, weaving in the tail to smooth it out.

Okay, I guess I could try that. What I WAS doing was knitting the tail WITH the regular yarn… it could have actually been the problem in this case because of where the tail was, but I had done the same thing with 2x2 ribbing and didn’t have this problem.

Any tips on weaving the tail yarn in to fix the jog?


I would just put it through a tapestry needle and sew it closed. I think I’d have to have it in front of me to see where the best place would be to sew it.

Well, I finally casted-on and gave it a shot. I left the tail lose and did not knit it in. I can actually see where I can put the yarn and it would make it pretty invisible. Everything seems to be running smoothly now and I thank you both.

Maybe I’ll post some pics later if I get a chance, if not, maybe when the sock is done.


Glad it’s working out. :thumbsup: