Tube socks

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any suggestions for making tube socks
a bit fancier? I knit tube socks for my dd because her feet
grow so fast I can hardly keep up with regular socks for her.
For the cold winters here I like to keep wooly tube socks on
hand to put over thinner cotton socks to keep her little
toes warm in the snow. Last year I just did real basic k1p1
cuffs and a stockinette tube. This year I’d like to make a
some a bit nicer looking but can’t think how to do it and still
keep the versatility of the tube. I mean, the point of it is
there is no top or bottom and no particular foot length
(or at least until you run out of sock). I thought cables but
they would then define a top of teh sock wouldn’t they
because I doubt you’d want cables on the bottom…and
of course lacy/holes would be silly for what is supposed to
be super warm wooly socks…hehe…
Any ideas? Oh dear, thought just struck me…I suppose
this is the challenge that means I must finally get over my
fair isle fear…:slight_smile:


there are different stitch patterns here
the stitches in the ‘knits and purls’ section i think would be good for socks
for example these ones perhaps?
single chevron
diagonal rib
double seed
little pyramids
purled ladder
garter st steps