Tube socks for my aunt

I have finished the last pair of socks for my aunt. These are simple tube socks, knit with Woolease, with size 6 circs. Since my aunt has had a stroke her feet stay cold, so for her birthday we will send her Cascading Leaves Socks, Mock Croc Socks, PJ Socks and these tube socks. Lonnie will ship them all tomorrow :smiley:

ooh, I like! great job (especially with the yarn problems you had)!

She’ll love them all!

Nice work! :thumbsup:

I’m sure they’ll work great. Love the colors!

BTW…why did you cut out the background like that? I saw someone else do that, too. :??

Great Job!

Thanks everyone :smiley:
Jan, I erased the background to make the socks pop so that there won’t be anything behind them and bc I like playing with paint :wink:

Ahhh I see! Just curious. :wink: I play in Paint Shop Pro…haven’t played with Paint in ages. :roflhard:

I just found it & realized u could put pictures in it, I actually had to use it when I was designing Born To Knit cloths, then just started playing with it. I played with it years ago when we got our 1st computer & had forgotten all about it…it’s fun :wink:

Fabulous! And no pesky heels to knit!!!

Where did you find the pattern?

thanks :smiley:
I used this pattern for the spiraling & since I knew my gauge & the size I was shooting for I cast on 48 sts on size 6 needles for the adult sock, using worsted wt yarn :smiley:

Becka I love your socks they all look great!! I really like the cascading leaves pattern great job :thumbsup:

Thanks, dusti, Cascading Leaves is really easy to do, too :smiley: I think I’m about to do it again, too, for another gift sock, in a solid color so that the design will pop. LOL, I can’t help myself…it was fun to knit…must knit more :shock:

Gorgeous, Becka! :inlove:

More knitting to do, eh? Making up for lost time? :wink:

thanks a bunch :smiley:
Yep, I’m trying to :wink: !!!

Cool! I love the different colored cuffs and toes!

:smiley: Thank you very much…good for stash busting :wink: