Tube Scarf

Morning all. I seen a hand sewn scarf done in a knit fabric that posed as a scarf and then could be worn as a hood. I want to make something like this… knitting with circles in the round. I have size 8 and 9 right now. Not sure what the cast on would be. Right now I only have worsed weight.

(I have skeins and skeins and lets say skeins of worsed weight yarn from my kitchen towel projects… and over 200 half towels all ready to go…lol… and now I am retired from the place I sold them.)

So now I have all this yarn to make something. I get the whole it needs to be a tube…but getting it to he a hood, look nice… feel good and still be a decent scarf that isnt so bulky is where my head stops.

thanks ahead.

Ps… finished a hat… started a cable scarf, have a nice large diamond pattern scarf almost done and I am STILL on the same 5 rounds of the DPNS and socks… dang rib… one day I will get it right EVERY row…

Look for patterns under the names of “cowl” if you want something solid looking, or “smoke ring” if you’d rather it be lacy. I think that’s what you’re looking for.

You might want to say “circular needles” instead of circles just to clarify. It’s good to know the real terms to avoid an confusion. :thumbsup:

Here’s a few. There’s more on Ravelry, but they can only be downloaded from there. Most of them from lighter weight yarn.

This is a pretty one, but it’s made with sport weight.

Okay thanks for the information. I really like the last lacy one… thats pretty. The first one I think is exactly what I was looking for.

I will keep the terms correct…just one of those words I manage to spell wrong most the time.

Thanks… and thanks for the modified loop that was very interesting to read.

I love the Fresco Basket Whip Cowl, Jan! Thanks for the link!
I added it to my FAVS and QUEUE over at Rav!