Trying to Understand Proposed Amendments on Sample Ballot

How many of you really understand the proposed Constitutional amendments that you have to vote for?

I’m frustrated because I want to be an educated voter, but the language is wordy and confusing.

Are there any sites that can explain those kind of issues…stuff dealing with property tax exemption of conserved land, for example?


Speak in plain English, I tell you! Some of us no speaka the language. :thumbsup:

[I]AuburnChick steps off of her soapbox…[/I]

This looks like a good jumping off point. There are links to each ballot question that try to explain in more detail and plain english exactly what these things are.

For example, the one you specifically questioned is explained as

If the measures passes, it would:

Exempt land that is permanently set aside for conservation from all property taxes.
Allow land that is being used for conservation purposes, but which hasn’t been permanently set aside, to be taxed according to its conservation use.

Got me to thinking- what amendments , what did I overlook? We didn’t have any in NC. Plain English works for me too!

Sorry for the confusion! The state of Florida has several proposed amendments on the ballot. I don’t know about other states, but I’m sure we all run into this from time to time.

I think they do it on purpose! Backwards sounding legalese to make you think your voting the way you want, when you’re really not. Of course, this could just be me being cranky.

Have you tried I think the ones you’re looking for are here

This site has helped me.

here are some resources

check your local newspaper website. in addition to their opinions, you might find links to other sites. I found one for California that listed all the propositions and indicated the position of various groups that supported or opposed the measures.