Trying to understand a hat pattern

Search results for I need help trying to understand a pattern. This is a hat with 126 CO. Row 1; K,P1 repeat to EOR. Understood, row 2 is what I’m trying to figure out. R2; 4x (k2,p1), place RT marker, RT, P1, K2, P1 repeat to EOR. I know how to RT. Do I knit at beginning of row 2 RT, P1, K2,P1 to EOR 4x?

Can you tell us the pattern name and give a link if possible? Don’t post the whole pattern please. All patterns are different and designers don’t always use the same abbr.

I am making a hat patter by Carrie Shipton “Cabled Ponytail Hat”. I’m stuf understanding R2. Here is the pattern description:
R1:K2, P1 repeat to EOR, place EOR marker.
R2:knit 4x (k2,p1), place RT marker, RT,p1, k2, p1 repeat to EOR

Pic of pattern

The link was a downloaded purchase from Craftsy

Yes, repeat the entire row from the beginning
R2:knit 4x (k2,p1), place RT marker, RT,p1, k2, p1
That’ll be 7 repeats of 18sts each and use up 126sts

Cute hat!

So I start knitting row2 as follows?
RT, P1, K2, P1 or do I K2, P1,RT, P1, K2, P1?
Your right It is a cute, thank you for the help!

Start with: :knit 4x (k2,p1), place RT marker, RT,p1, k2, p1
and repeat the entire sequence of instructions for row 2 around the hat.

I’m assuming the RT takes 2 stitches.

Yes, it does take up 2 stitches. I think I understand know. What is the purpose to place a marker for the RT?

It’s a reminder that the following 2 knit sts are twisted.

Thank you for your help, I understand all of it now. Happy Stitching