Trying to start a hood on the body of my sweater

I’m pretty new to this, and I LOVE this website… it’s helped me so many times! Right now I’m about to start the hood portion of my pattern. The pattern says to cast on 3 stitches (circular needles) and then join yarn and pick up 13 st, etc… my main question is how do I join the 3 stitches I’ve just cast on to the front of the piece so I can start picking up the stitches I need? It seems pretty straight forward, but I’m having trouble visualizing how to do it… the pattern I’m doing is from Knitting Pure and Simple, I found it on Patternfish…


I can’t access the pattern (as i’m not registered with patternfish), but I think they mean the following:

Cast on three stitches in your normal way on the circular needle.

Hold the needle ‘straight’ as your right needle and hold the knitted piece as your ‘left’ needle.

Using the working yarn from the skein used to cast on the 3 stitches pick up and knit the 13 stitches from the ‘left’ needle to the ‘right’/circular needle so you have 16 stiches on the circular needle with the knitted piece hanging down below the needle.

The extra stitches will be folded over and stitched down to form a tube like opening. Your drawstring will be put on a bodkin or safety pin and inserted through that opening.