Trying to resize baby hat pattern-help!

I have a directions for a newborn hat, which I have made with size four needles and baby sport yarn weight 3 as directed. The hat pattern is too small for babies 3-6 months old, but I want to use the same pattern. I have some Baby Amore yarn weight 4, which recommends size 8 needles. The problem is that the same pattern with this yarn and the size 8’s makes the hat way way too big (it fit me). Can I use the weight 4 yarn with the 4 needles to increase the size? What is the best way to do this? I really like the baby amore yarn and want to use it. Thank you for any help.

The stitches are going to be really tight and will probably be too big anyway. You can use less stitches and the size 8s.

Do you have a link to the pattern so we could see what is going on with the hat? If not, if there is a pattern repeat or decreases every so many stitches can you use that information to figure out how many stitches you would have to subtract?

Yes, I got it thru knittingpattern central at
Because I am just getting into knitting I thought this would work. And it does, and it is really cute. I used white fun fur and pink yarn for the first one. There are two babies in our group, one is almost 6 months old and the other is almost 3 months and I want to convert this pattern to fit them. I thank you for all and any help. Regards, Kimbatigger

The decreases work in groups of 8 and 64 is a multiple of 8. So I would subtract in groups of 8. 64-8=56, or 64- (2X8)=48. One of those would probably work. You would work less than the 40 rows probably in that section before the decreases start. Just judge by eye based on the inches you’d need for the head you want to make it for. The decreases would be the same way, and the rest of the hat.