Trying to purl continental

I find knitting continental to be pretty easy but im having trouble purling i just started knitting continental 3 days ago but its not very even can you help me? :frog:

I’m an English knitter myself, but I understand that purling is a little more difficult Continental style. I assume you’ve looked at the video? If you’re able to do it, and you’re sure you’re doing it correctly, the unevenness should pass with practice.

I’m sure another Conti knitter will chime in here, too.

It just takes lots of practice…watch Amy’s video and it will eventually be second nature to the knit stitch

I agree whole hearedly with what has been said. I’ve been knitting for a year and I have been a thrower for a year and have just recently learned Continental from Amy’s cd…purling is still a bit hard for me (depending on the yarn) but practice, practice, practice. And then, if it confuses you at times (as it did me) just look at Amy’s video again

I knit continental, and found purling took me just a little more time to get used to. So go slowly. Of course I found throwing more difficult knitting and purling laugh hence why I knit continental :slight_smile:
The best advice I can give you is to do a scarf… and instead of all knit stitch, do all purl stitch. That’s what I did. And now purling is just as simple to me as knitting. I made sure I had knitting down after about 20 all knit dishcloths, then went to purl practice. You’ll find what works for you. And I absolutely agree, when you get ready to throw it across the room, go watch the video again! :slight_smile:


I agree with everyone that it’s harder to purl Conti style. After many failed attempts I can only do it by doing the Norwegian Method. I was extremely slow at it at first but now after almost 2 months of doing it I’m pretty fast. I thought the Norwegian Method would slow me down but it hasn’t. My advice is the same as the others, practice, practice, practice.