Trying to make my way down the leg and turn my heel

Hi All, I am making my first attempt at making socks. I am using a free pattern from coatsandclark. It is pattern number LW1619, using the heart and sole self-striping yarn. Okay…now that I have finally gotten all these needles almost tamed, I have made the k2,p2, rib. Now it says:" Now work in ST st, K every rnd." Ok I will duck and ask the question, does it want me to do? Thanks in advance for the help. Not sure I am going to make it to turn a heel, if I can’t figure out the leg part. After reading the instructions, not sure if I want to get to it anytime soon. LOL!!

When you are knitting in the round all you do is knit every row to get stockinette stitch. So just keep knitting as long as it says to. :thumbsup:

When you work in the round you’re always working on the RS of the item, you don’t turn to work the WS as in knitting flat. So you knit every round to get stockinette st (St st).

Thank you very much. Guess it shows I am new at this? I gonna knit this really slow, getting up the courage to turn a heel. I may just have cold feet, in more ways than one. Thanks again. :muah:

I may just have cold feet, in more ways than one.