Trying to make booties n need help!

i’m a somewhat new knitter and im trying to make a pair of baby booties. but i’ve come to a part and im completely stuck on what to do. there are the instructions…


R1 k R5 p
R2 p R6 k
R3 k R7 p
R4 p R8 k

cast on 40st with size 2 needles. start with R2 work 5 ridges. purl back * k2, yo, k2tog* across. purl back

k14, leave on needles, k12 turn. start with R1 work 5 ridges on these 12st. leaving 14 on each needle unused. p back. break yarn.

ok i got all that but there’s the part i need help with.

tie in yarn at end of first 14st. k up 11st along side of vamp. k12st of vamp. k up 11st on other side of vamp (62st).

what in the world is a vamp??? and how do i do these?? please help

The vamp is the part of a shoe or slipper that goes over the top of the foot and is the part that has 12 sts on it. So you would pick up 11 sts along the side of this `tongue’, then knit the 12 sts and pick up 11 sts along the other side of it.

so when you pick up the 11 and knit the 12 do you pick up the next 11 on the same needle or the other?

All on the same.