Trying to learn gauge

Hi everybody,
I’ve finished a purse except for the lining and the only thing I see wrong is the placement of the straps. I will probably fix that.

Now I am going to try and learn more about gauge.
Question: If the pattern calls for a gauge of 20 sts = 4", what should I do if my yarn that I want to use is 11 sts = 4"?

Can this somehow be adjusted to make the purse (another one) come out the same size as the pattern?

PS: This one calls for circular needles so I know I’m in for a challenge!

You could use more stitches and figure the number to use based on the pattern multiple and your gauge. You could use two strands and see if you like the results and figure the cast on. You can post the pattern link here and get lots of help. Just because I’m basic arithmetic challenged doesn’t mean everyone is.
I want to see your pattern anyhow. :mrgreen: Whenever possible you might as well include a link, it will be requested if you don’t.

This pattern is in a paid booklet and I’m not sure if I should post it on line. What do you think? Would it help if I posted a screen shot of just the materials and gauge part?

Please how can I join your club? I am also arithmetic challenged. I get confused just thinking about it. No, I take it back. That might require having to do more arithmetic! lol :noway:

No, don’t post the entire pattern. What’s it called? We might find a picture of it. Chances are someone on Ravelry has done it. I think a screenshot like you mention would be OK and if it’s not one of the mods will very nicely ask you to fix it.

ETA What club? :rofl:

This may be an easier way to think about it. If you wanted to knit a 4 inch purse you would need 20sts according to the pattern’s gauge of 20sts/4 inches. Your yarn knits at 11sts/4inches so you would only need to cast on 11sts.
So to use your yarn, you would cast on fewer sts. In fact, you’d cast on close to half the number of sts given in the pattern. Figuring that you don’t want to knit a 4 inch purse, you could work with the pattern numbers but divide them by 2 and you’ll be close to the same size.

Here’s the purse.

[I]A few details:[/I]
Size= 6X6
Using 16" circular needles.
20 sts=4": 27 rows= 4" in St st

I made a swatch and measured 11 stitches for 4 inches with the yarn I want to use.

Maybe this will help.


wow, that’s a very different gauge! :wink:

you don’t say what size needles you’re using, just the cable length, but… 20 sts in 4 inches is usually worsted or light worsted (on needle sizes 5 up to 9, depending on yarn, tension, etc) the yarn you want to use sounds more like a bulky or super bulky (on needles 9 and up, again depending on yarn and tension).

all that said, if you’re happy with the fabric and stitch definition, then use it! the easy math is that with 11 stitches over 4 inches, you’re getting about 2.75 stitches per inch. for 6 inches in width, you’d need 16.5 stitches, rounded up to 17.

I am using an #8 needle, practicing on straight needles but when I start the real thing it will be #8 circle needles. My yarn is Bulky but doesn’t seem very bulky to me.

I’m still not understanding what I must do differently to have this purse come out as close to the pattern size as I can. For instance, the pattern says cast on 60 stitches but not being mathematical, I still don’t know how to figure the cast on stitches for mine. Maybe its impossible with the yarns being so different in size.

Thanks to you all for helping.
BTW there were lots of good reviews on this yarn.

hmm, so an 8 needle is usually for a worsted weight (usually, not always, and depends on pattern and what kind of fabric thickness is desired). i wonder if you’re a loose knitter and could benefit from going down a few sizes? maybe practice on a 7 or 6 if you have them around, just to see what kind of gauge those give you.

I think there is such a big difference in the 2 yarns, I am going to dig out some yarn that might work better.

In the meantime, I found another purse using a Bernat yarn that matches up great with my Charisma. Same gauge, weight, etc. Problem solved.

Thanks for the help and advice.

Glad that you’ve solved the problem. It’s a cute Lil Bag and I hope we get to see a photo of the finished purse.
Some variation of this problem will come up in the future because it always does. One way to solve it with just arithmetic (no complex equations, I promise) is to:
multiply the #sts CO x your gauge and then divide the answer by the pattern gauge.

That means 60sts cast on x 11sts your gauge = 660.
660 divided by 20sts pat. gauge equals 33sts for you to cast on with your yarn and needles.

where am i misunderstanding this, since i got half that number…?

she was already up to 4" with only 11 stitches cast on… to get to 6" total, she’d only need half the 11 sts again, or 5.5 sts, bringing her to 16.5 sts, rounded up to 17 sts… is this one of those facebook ‘order of operations’ things where everybody gets different numbers?

Given the information you had, you did the same thing I did. The bag was 6 inches wide so 30sts cast on. After your post, pslane mentioned that the cast on was 60sts. So the number would be twice your number or 33sts. That’s the only difference.

ok thanks! i didn’t see the post with the original cast-on number, so i thought i was off in la-la land with my math. :wink:

No, no, you’re good.